Monarch School Project

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Giving Back

Monarch School is dedicated to helping homeless students break the cycle of poverty through education. Monarch is a K-12 public school designed to remove barriers encountered by homeless students and provide programming to address their unique needs.

Monarch accomplishes its mission by providing comprehensive students services to support learning in academics, social and emotional growth, and independent life skills. Monarch offers an accredited education, after school program, athletics, and college and career preparation as well as basic necessities including food and clothing, health care, transportation and family assistance.

Currently there are more than 20,000 homeless children in San Diego County. Monarch School’s role in the community is to serve students impacted by the most severe cases of chronic homelessness and address the related academic disruption they have experienced. Monarch serves 300 students who live in family shelters, shelters for victims of domestic violence, teen shelters, motels, in vehicles with their families, or doubled-up with other families.

Monarch School is a public-private partnership between the San Diego County Office of Education and the nonprofit Monarch School Project. Monarch is the only comprehensive K-12 school in the U.S. developed specifically to serve homeless students.

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