2018 Winners

Specialty Winners

Best in Show

Best-in-Show-Peter-Mullin-of-Mullin-Automotive-Museum-1939-Bugatti-Type-57SC-Aravis-Cabriolet_preview-495x400 car show
Peter Mullin, Mullin Automotive Museum
1939 Bugatti Type 57SC Aravis Cabriolet

Most Outstanding Post War Award

Most-Outstanding-Post-War-Award-Charles-Wegner-1959-Ferrari-250-LWB-California-Spyder_preview-495x400 car show
Charles Wegner
1959 Ferrari 250 LWB California Spyder

Most Outstanding Pre War Award

Most-Outstanding-Pre-War-Award-Aaron-and-Valerie-Weiss-1929-Rolls-Royce-Phantom-I-Convertible-Coupe_preview-495x400 car show
Aaron and Valerie Weiss
1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Convertible Coupe

LPL Summit Best of Marque

LPL-Summit-Best-of-Marque-Stan-Lucas-1929-Lincoln-Aero-Phaeton-Dual-Cowl-Phaeton_preview-1-495x400 car show
Stan Lucas
1929 Lincoln Aero Phaeton Dual Cowl Phaeton

Chairman’s Award

Chairmans-Award-Peter-Mullin-of-Mullin-Automotive-Museum-1939-Bugatti-Type-57SC-Aravis-Cabriolet_preview-495x400 car show
Peter Mullin, Mullin Automotive Museum
1939 Bugatti Type 57SC Aravis Cabriolet

Mayor’s Award

Mayors-Award-Calumet-Collection-1966-Lincoln-Continental-4-Door-Convertible_preview-1-495x400 car show
Calumet Collection
1966 Lincoln Continental 4-Door Convertible

LJCDE American Icon Award

LJCDE-American-Icon-Award-Jason-L.-Fisher-1966-Shelby-Mustang-GT350H_preview-495x400 car show
Jason L. Fisher
1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H

Best Preserved of Marque Award

Best-Preserved-of-Marque-Award-Russ-Karlen-1926-Lincoln-Dual-Cowl-Phaeton_preview-495x400 car show
Russ Karlen
1926 Lincoln Dual Cowl Phaeton

Spirit of Motoring Award

Spirit-of-Motoring-Award-Michael-Potiker-1928-Riley-Brooklands-Speed_preview-495x400 car show
Michael Potiker
1928 Riley Brooklands Speed

Aubrey Taylor Award of Excellence for Best Upholstery

Aubrey-Taylor-Award-of-Excellence-for-Best-Upholstery-Malloy-Foundation-Inc-1955-Mercedes-Benz-300SL-Gullwing-Coupe_preview-495x400 car show
Malloy Foundation Inc
1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe

Honorary Judges’ Choice Award

Honorary-Judges-Choice-Award-Rich-Scharf-1970-Datsun-240Z-Sport-Coupe_preview-495x400 car show
Rich Scharf
1970 Datsun 240Z Sport Coupe

People’s Choice

Peoples-Choice-Karen-and-Stuart-Tanz-1956-Lincoln-MKII-2-Door-Coupe_preview-495x400 car show
Karen and Stuart Tanz
1956 Lincoln MKII 2 Door Coupe

La Jolla Historical Society Preservation Award

La-Jolla-Historical-Society-Preservation-Award-Bill-Neff-1968-Triumph-TR250_preview-495x400 car show
Bill Neff
1968 Triumph TR250

FIVA / HVA Award for Best Preserved Vehicle

FIVA-HVA-Award-for-Best-Preserved-Vehicle-David-Aspinall-1923-Buick-23-4-39-Roadster_preview-495x400 car show
David Aspinall
1923 Buick 23-4-39 Roadster

Philip Wichard Memorial Award

Blackhawk-Rich_preview-495x400 car show

Blackhawk Collection
1947 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Convertible by Inskip
Photo Credit: Rich Truesdell

Chief Judge Award

Chief-Judge-Award-Petersen-Automotive-Museum-1929-Ruxton-Model-C-Roadster_preview-495x400 car show

Petersen Automotive Museum
1929 Ruxton Model C Roadster
Photo Credit: Rich Truesdell

Class Winners

1A – American Classics

1A-American-Classics-William-Lyon-1930-Duesenberg-J-Murphy-Disappearing-Top-Torpedo-Convertible-Coupe_preview-495x400 car show

1. William Lyon 1930 Duesenberg J Murphy Disappearing Top Torpedo Convertible Coupe
2. Larry and Susan Nannini 1933 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron C.C. Sedan
3. Gary Marchetti 1931 Packard 826 4 Door Sedan

1B – American Classics Open & Closed

1B-American-Classics-Open-Closed-Lloyd-Cranford-1941-Packard-Custom-180-Darrin-Victoria_preview-495x400 car show

1. Lloyd Cranford 1941 Packard Custom 180 Darrin Victoria
2. John and Leslie Milliken 1939 Buick Roadmaster Convertible Sedan
3. Crevier Classic Cars 1947 Chrysler Town and Country 4 Door Woody

2A – Lincoln Open

2A-Lincoln-Open-Academy-of-Art-University-1940-Lincoln-Zephyr-Continental-Convertible_preview-495x400 car show

1. Academy of Art University 1940 Lincoln-Zephyr Continental Convertible
2. Passport Transport 1942 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet
3. Richard Greenfield 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible

2B – Lincoln Closed

2B-Lincoln-Closed-Ron-and-Sandy-Hansen-1926-Lincoln-LeBaron-4D-Sedan_preview-495x400 car show

1. Ron and Sandy Hansen 1926 Lincoln LeBaron 4D Sedan
2. Calumet Collection 1941 Lincoln Custom Limousine
3. Calumet Collection 1937 Lincoln Model K 2-Window Berline by Judkins

3 – European Classics

3-European-Classics-Peter-Mullin-of-Mullin-Automotive-Museum-1939-Bugatti-Type-57SC-Aravis-Cabriolet_preview-495x400 car show

1. Peter Mullin, Mullin Automotive Museum 1939 Bugatti Type 57SC Aravis Cabriolet
2. Liliane Quon McCain 1936 Bugatti Type 57 Suisse-Graber Cabriolet

4 – Rolls-Royce & Bentley

4-Rolls-Royce-Bentley-Aaron-and-Valerie-Weiss-1929-Rolls-Royce-Phantom-I-Convertible-Coupe_preview-495x400 car show

1. Aaron and Valerie Weiss 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Convertible Coupe
2. Dan Berg 1926&7 Rolls-Royce Park Ward 20 HP Coupe Convertible
3. Blackhawk Collection 1947 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Convertible by Inskip

5A – Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

5A-Ferrari-365-GTB-4-Daytona-Dr.-Jay-Fallon-1972-Ferrari-365-GTB-4-Berlinetta_preview-495x400 car show

1. Dr. Jay Fallon 1972 Ferrari 365GTB/4 Berlinetta
2. Paul Colony 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona Coupe
3. Geoffrey Swortwood 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB4 (“Daytona”) Coupe

5B – Ferrari All Others

5B-Ferrari-All-Others-Charles-Wegner-1959-Ferrari-250-LWB-California-Spyder_preview-495x400 car show

1. Charles Wegner 1959 Ferrari 250 LWB California Spyder
2. Steve Kouracos 1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GT European Coupe
3. Dr. Vance Shapley 1966 Ferrari 275 GTS Convertible

6 – Japanese

6-Japanese-Mike-and-Barbara-Malamut-Malamut-Auto-Museum-1967-Mazda-Cosmo-110S_preview-495x400 car show

1. Mike and Barbara Malamut, Malamut Auto Museum 1967 Mazda Cosmo 110S
2. Mike and Barbara Malamut, Malamut Auto Museum 1964 Mazda R360 Coupe
3. Scott King and Sandy Edelstein 1965 Honda S600 Roadster

7A – American Sports & Muscle: Camaro

7A-Camaro-Jim-Mikkelson-1969-Chevrolet-Camaro-RS-SS-Convertible_preview-495x400 car show

1. Jim Mikkelson 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS Convertible
2. Brian and Elizabeth Birkeland 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible
3. Jeff and Kim Phillips 1969 Chevy Camaro Z28

7B – American Sports & Muscle All Others

7B-American-Sports-Muscle-All-Others-Harry-LeKites-1967-Chevy-Corvette-Coupe_preview-495x400 car show

1. Harry LeKites 1967 Chevy Corvette Coupe
2. Michael Coit 1957 Thunderbird F-Code Convertible
3. Delco Hagan 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Convertible

8 – Italian Sports Cars

8-Italian-Sports-Cars-David-and-Susan-Buchanan-1949-Alfa-Romeo-6C-2500-SS-Cabriolet_preview-1-495x400 car show

1. David and Susan Buchanan 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS Cabriolet
2. Dr. Perry Mansfield 1969 Lamborghini Islero S Coupe
3. Susan Langley 1973 Alfa Romeo Jr. Zagato 1600 Coupe

9A – British Sports Cars: MG

9A-British-Sports-Cars-MG-Douglas-Pelton-1946-MG-TC_preview-495x400 car show

1. Douglas Pelton 1946 MG TC
2. Bob and Donna Hanselman 1938 MG VA Drop Head Coupe
3. Schuyler Hoffman 1932 MG J2 Roadster

9B – British Sports Cars All Others

9B-British-Sports-Cars-All-Others-Tom-Krefetz-1961-Jaguar-XKE-Roadster-OBL_preview-495x400 car show

1. Tom Krefetz 1961 Jaguar XKE Roadster “OBL”
2. Marco de la Barrera 1962 Jaguar Mark II Sedan
3. Colin Seid and Richard Annis 1948 Jaguar MK IV Drop Head Coupe

10A – German Sports Cars: Mercedes-Benz 190SL

10A-Mercedes-Benz-190SL-Aaron-and-Valerie-Weiss-1957-Mercedes-Benz-190SL-495x400 car show

1. Aaron and Valerie Weiss 1957 Mercedes-Benz 190SL
2. Bruce Iannelli 1963 Mercedes-Benz 190SL Convertible
3. Glenn and Norma Chapin 1959 Mercedes-Benz 190SL Convertible

10B – German Sports Cars: Porsche 356

10B-Porsche-356-Robert-deRose-1964-Porsche-SC-356_preview-495x400 car show

1. Robert deRose 1964 Porsche SC 356
2. Wayne and Nancy Baker 1965 Porsche 356C Reutter Coupe
3. Ben and Joanne Wainscott 1965 Porsche 356 SC Sunroof Coupe

10C – German Sports Cars All Others

10C-German-Sports-Cars-All-Others-L.-Philip-Lutfy-1960-Mercedes-Benz-220SE-Sunroof-Coupe_preview-495x400 car show

1. L. Philip Lutfy 1960 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Sunroof Coupe
2. Anthony C. Barabas 1979 Porsche 930 Turbo Coupe
3. Bill Ceno 1973 Porsche Carrera RS Coupe

11 – Race Cars

11-Race-Cars-Allen-Grant-1963-Lola-GT-Mk6-Coupe_preview-495x400 car show

1. Allen Grant 1963 Lola GT Mk6 Coupe
2. Rory Ward 1977 Mickey Thompson Challenger IV Class 1 Unlimited
3. Raffi Najjarian 1952 Siata 208 CS Spider Corsa Bertone Open

Motorcycle Winners

Marc Camille Lemieux Memorial Award

Marc-Lemieux-Memorial-Award-Mark-Leonard-1929-Moto-Guzzi-Sport-14L-Tubular-Duplex-Cradle_preview-495x400 car show

Mark Leonard
1929 Moto Guzzi Sport 14L Tubular Duplex Cradle

12A – Pre-War Motorcycles

12A-Pre-War-Motorycles-Mark-Leonard-1929-Moto-Guzzi-Sport-14L-Tubular-Duplex-Cradle_preview-495x400 car show

First Place
Mark Leonard 1929 Moto Guzzi Sport 14L Tubular Duplex Cradle

Second Place
Mark Leonard 1927 BMW R42 Tubular Twin Cradle

12B – Post-War Motorcycles

12B-Post-War-Motorcycles-Tim-Stafford-1966-BMW-R60-2_preview-495x400 car show

First Place
Tim Stafford 1966 BMW R60/2 Motorcycle

Second Place
Mark Francois 1974 BMW R90S Motorcycle

Third Place
Cynthia Doolin 1972 Honda CL 450 Scrambler

Motor Car Classic Winners

Alfa Romeo Club

Robert Piacentini
1967 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior GT 2 Door Coupe

Ferrari Owners Club San Diego

Gary T. Peterson
2003 Ferrari F360 Spider

Inland Empire Jaguar Club

Allen and Olga Quale
1961 Jaguar MK II Saloon

Porsche Club of America San Diego Region

John and Monique Straub
1967 Porsche 911 Coupe

Rolls-Royce Owners Club

Randy Lawrence
1983 Rolls-Royce Mulliner Park Ward Corniche

SoCal Shelby American Automobile Club

Ralph Jungk
1965 Superformance Shelby Cobra Roadster

Special Interest

Ray Hamel
1963 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster